Beat the bus.
Get out in time.

The Escape Bus is a Southern California mobile escape room for birthday parties, corporate team building, and more.

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The Game

The Escape Bus - Firewall Game

The year is 2033.

You are part of an elite hacker consortium.

And you've been caught.

Now, you're on your way to prison, locked away in a maximum-security transport that formerly housed working police escorts. Today, the transports are all automated, and there has never been a breach.

You'll have to work together, use your surroundings, and outsmart the bus if you ever want to see the light of day again.

Will you breach the Firewall and escape before your time runs out? Or will you spend the rest of your days in a tiny cell?

Firewall is a game for 2-6 players and suitable for ages 12+

The Bus

Bringing escape games out of a room and directly to you.

Our 30ft Bluebird has been converted from a passenger school bus to a multi-room escape experience equipped with state-of-the-art tech and unique puzzles that break the traditional escape game mold.

And best of all: the game can be enjoyed anywhere we can park!

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You can come to us, or we can come to you.

Come To Us

You can book your game at our home location in Lake Forest.

  • When we're not out at a mobile event, you can book us!
  • Check out our calendar and reserve your game of "Firewall" now.
  • Come meet us and play the game!
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We Come To You

Bring our unique experience to your birthday party, corporate team building event, festival, and more.

  • Excellent side-attraction for birthday parties, school events, and festivals
  • Shorter game length available to accommodate larger groups
  • Create lasting memories for your guests
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Corporate Team Building

The Escape Bus will come to your office anywhere in Southern California! We've helped corporate clients all over Orange County and Los Angeles.

No need to arrange everyones' schedules for a team outing; you play an escape game right outside your front door. Employees must take advantage of their surroundings, use their wits, and work together in order to "beat the bus." We'll work with you to schedule groups beforehand, and each group can compete against each other to see which gets out the fastest! We can even re-theme elements of our game to include references to your company or staff, and we'll include a debriefing that encourages teams to bring skills they used inside the game back to the workplace.

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Past Corporate Clients

Birthday Parties

Whether your son or daughter is turning 11 or you're looking for a new angle for your wine-and-cheese dinner, make your party the envy of the neighborhood with The Escape Bus!

For kids, the game is appropriate for ages 10+, and a staff member will give helpful hints (if needed) to make sure they complete our kid-friendly version of the game. And parents - you can watch every moment on our monitors and even try the game for yourself.

For adults, we offer the same standard 40 minute (or 20 minute) game, but please, leave your beverages outside the bus!

Our birthday events also include a little Escape Bus gift for the birthday honoree.

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As seen in...


No, you can exit the game at any time through the Emergency Exit, and it will end the experience.
We do our best to give each group their own individual, unique experience, but we may combine parties at busy events.
The Escape Bus is based in Orange County but we drive all over Southern California. After all, we're mobile!
Firewall's difficulty level is medium.
The Escape Bus is appropriate for ages 12+. Please inquire if you have children younger who would like to play.
The Escape Bus is not horror-themed, and it is not a "haunted house." The experience is meant to be mysterious, exciting, and intriguing, but not scary.
No, we do not lock you in a tight space, but you can end the experience any time if you are uncomfortable.
The game Firewall is designed for 2-6 people.
The standard length for Firewall is 40 minutes. We also offer a shorter version of the game for private events and other bookings.
You do not need to bring anything special to enjoy The Escape Bus.
We suggest wearing comfortable, breathable clothes and closed-toed shoes.
We will not take your cell phone or personal items before entering the bus unless you would like us to. But you may not use your phone during the game.

The Crew

The Escape Bus was founded by two lifelong gamers and friends over a bowl of Hungarian goulash in Budapest.

Tyler Russell

CEO & Co-Founder

Tyler Russell

Tyler is also the founder of the radio station KX 93.5 but spends most of his free time playing board games, videogames, and trying Escape Rooms around the world. He's committed to creating an experience in The Escape Bus that immerses players into a compelling story with realistic puzzles and outcomes using unique technology.

Jonathan Katz

Gamemaster & Co-Founder

Jonathan Katz

When Jonathan isn't playing music on Periscope, you can find him solving a Sudoku or another Japanese puzzle you've never heard of. His passion for storytelling and love of games intersect perfectly with The Escape Bus, bringing to life an experience that both challenges and entertains.